How to buy on Amazon

What is Amazon?

“Amazon” is an American online marketplace for electronics, books, movies, clothing, appliances, handmade items, and auto parts. Americans use Amazon to purchase gifts, household items, watch movies, read e-books, and more. Amazon even has its own online library, virtual assistant, and delivery drones that can deliver packages directly to the front yard of a house.

The online store operates on the principle of a shopping center, where both Amazon itself and other retail companies sell products. Amazon verifies all sellers and guarantees returns on products.

Most issues with items purchased on Amazon are usually resolved in favor of the customer. If an ordered product has quality issues, or even doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, or if the delivery is delayed, customers can receive a full refund. This is why users from different around the world consider shopping on Amazon to be safe.

Why should you buy on Amazon?

  • Safety: Amazon protects customers from fraud and resolves many issues through refunds.
  • Wide selection: Amazon offers a variety of products. In a single shipment, you can receive a tablet for a child, a set of tools, and a women’s handbag.
  • Authentic reviews: Customers leave reviews about products, making it easier to decide on a purchase.
  • Competitive prices: Amazon keeps prices lower than other stores, and nobody knows exactly why.
  • Availability of products not found in your location: Amazon offers items that are not available in your city or country

Shopping on Amazon is not daunting, but understanding the shipping process is important.

How to register on Amazon?

To register on Amazon, all you need is to go to the and hover your mouse cursor over “Hello, Sign in” at the top right of this page. A dropdown menu will appear, you need to select “New customer? Start here.” option.

Next, the registration form will open, which you need to fill out by entering the following information in the respective fields:

Your name – your name and surname in Latin characters

E-mail – your email address

Password – password

Re-enter password – retype the password

And click on “Create your Amazon account”

Congratulations, now your account has been created.

After you have completed the registration, it is also important to enter your physical address where you want to receive goods or to send gifts to your family or friends.

So you can enter multiple addresses and choose the one with available items or more advantageous shipping options. To select an address, click on “Deliver to” on the right side and choose the desired address.

Additionally, you can enter any US ZIP code there to calculate the shipping cost to different states of the USA or choose ‘Ship outside the US’ to get the shipping fee information to another countries.

Placing an order on Amazon

Now you can choose the goods you like and add them to your cart.

After that, click on “Proceed to checkout“, select the necessary address and choose “Deliver to this address“.

Next, you will be redirected to the checkout page where you need to enter your credit card credentials and add a gift card or use the promotion code. Interestingly, for VISA credit cards, you don’t need to provide the CVV2 code of your card. The payment will be proceeded in stages as the seller confirms your order. Therefore, the money may be deducted the next day and not immediately like on AliExpress or other online stores.

After the seller or Amazon ships your package, you will receive a tracking code that you can use to track your shipment directly through the Amazon interface.

That’s it! Now you just have to wait for your order to be delivered to your home.

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