How to Buy on eBay for beginners

Let’s consider, in simplified form, how purchasing a product for a fixed price at an auction works. So, based on what we discussed earlier, to make the purchase you should meet the following requirements:

  • Obtained a payment card suitable for online shopping.
  • Registered on eBay and entered your residential address and shipping address in your personal account.
  • Obtained and confirmed your PayPal account.

Now any item can be purchased in just a few clicks. You won’t need to enter a shipping address or card details. Everything is straightforward and secure.

eBay now is one of the world’s most popular trading platforms with hundreds of thousands of sellers and millions of buyers from around the world. The platform has over twenty regional sites. Your acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, and even children may have already made purchases there.

Don’t know how to buy on eBay yet? We’ll teach you! In the instructions below, we have complied all the necessary information for a complete and advantageous shopping experience.

Order Placement

Покупка товару на ебей

After selecting an item, click the “Buy it Now” button for instant purchase or add the item to your cart using the “Add to Cart” button (if you have multiple items in your cart and plan to pay for them in a single transaction).

Payment and Shipping Address Selection

Оплата товару на ебей

Choose PayPal as the payment method and select the card from which the funds will be deducted. Then, choose the shipping address below. Verify the item, quantity, and shipping method. Check the final cost on the right, review everything, and click the “Confirm and Pay” button.

Order Placement and Payment Confirmation

After you placed an order, you will receive a notification that payment has been successfully processed and information about the estimated delivery date. When the item you purchased will be shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information and estimated delivery date.

Успішна оплата на ебей

Things to Remember

If a buyer won the auction and fails to pay for the item within 7 days, the seller will send him a claim. If the item remains unpaid for several more days, the buyer will receive a warning from eBay. If there are 2-3 warnings within a short period, the account may be closed with a prohibition on re-registration. Any accounts you open again will also be closed. If you have purchased an item but changed your mind, contact the seller, apologize, and request a cancellation. You could even offer compensation. However, it is best to avoid taking this path altogether.

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